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Introducing the Tumasek Pewter Tin Tank Centre - a new place that will delightfully awaken the "tinman” in you!

Here’s your privileged chance at getting to feel what handling, crafting and moulding one of the oldest known alloys would be like in its truest sense. If you’ve always had a love for tools or simply enjoyed the intricate processes involved in pewter craftsmanship, the Tin Tank Centre is the ideal place to unleash your creativity and showcase some brilliant skills-on-tin!

In our quaint yet friendly setting, you will experience first-hand knowledge and artistry on how to cast, file, polish, solder, hammer and engrave pewter from liquid to perfect form fit for a King. All demonstrations are featured "live” and you will participate in this breathtaking tour up, close and personal. Whilst you’re engaging in the hard knocks of pewter-making, our warm photographers will also capture these unique moments to be framed up as mementoes for your keeping.

You will leave our Tin Tank Centre with child-like joy, and we must express that this is an excellent place for locals, tourists, international corporate clients, as well as, international/public school children to appreciate the beauty of Malaysian pewter.

This is what we fondly refer to as, a "pewter pilgrimage”.

Walk in today, walk out a "Pewter-tian".

Special guided tours can be arranged at our Tin Tank Centre. To book an appointment, please drop us an email at [email protected] or call us at +603 6274 1225